"We have had the pleasure of knowing Dave personally for many years. In our opinion, he is one of the greatest biblical teachers and communicators of our day."
— Point of Grace

"Funny and on target-Dave Edwards has the unique ability to capture your attention with humor and open your heart to the life-changing message he shares. Everyone needs to read and hear Dave Edwards!"
— Eddie Carswell

"Few communicators can hold a crowd like Dave Edwards. His blend of humor and insight positions him to be effective with audiences of all ages."
— Andy Stanley, Pastor
North Point
Community Church
Alpharetta, GA

"You'll find Dave to be witty, funny, but loving and bold in his presentation of the Gospel."
— Jay Strack

"I had the privilege of hearing Dave Edwards at a High School Graduation ceremony. Not your typical venue for interesting messages. You know the fifteen minute speech that feels like eternity about a topic that you have little or no interest in. You only came to see a family member receive a piece of paper, courteously applaud and then quickly exit to the party where the food is waiting.

Well that was not the case with Dave Edwards. He offered a humorous message with incredible substance that should be applied by everyone who was in the audience. I was thoroughly impressed with his candor and content as he delivered a challenging message to all who were listening. I would highly recommend David Edwards to anyone who desires more than fifteen minutes of dead space, because you will receive a relevant message for all ages."
- Paul Taylor
Pastor Flame of Fire Covenant Church
Abington, Ma

"Dave doesn't just speak to young people...he knows their world and he communicates!"
— Lanny Donoho

"As I've traveled across the country I've had the chance to meet countless Christian leaders. In many a conversation, Dave's name continues to pop up. He is regarded nationally as an excellent communicator of biblical truths for this generation."
— Kirby Trapolino
Caedmon's Call

"David's ability to communicate is humorous, fresh, innovative and runs deep in content and spirituality."
— Steve Seelig
Second Baptist Church
Houston, TX

"David is a nice young man."
— Dave's Mom