Hello and welcome to Dave Edwards Speaks. We are glad you are here.

Every person is looking for that one thing that will help them grow and improve their spiritual life. It might be a piece of truth, a dose of inspiration, a push of motivation or making a new decision to take life in a new direction.

The search for answers can be difficult. Some are mired in the busyness of life and have found it difficult to make sense of it all. Others have never had Godly examples to follow. Still some live with an uncertainty they are capable and qualified to live successfully for God.

Dave Edwards understands the issues and challenges people face in the growth of their faith. He's faced and fought the same battles and obstacles faced by Christians today. For twenty years Dave's mission has been to meet people where they are in life and help them come one step closer in the process of loving Jesus, learning His ways and discipling others.

Dave has been partnering with conferences and churches to communicate the timeless truths of scripture both on stage and through the printed page. Dave has been teaching, preaching, lifting up lives, and inviting others to experience the life changing power of Jesus.

Our hope is the resources, the daily blogs, teaching videos, and speaking opportunities you find on this website will enrich your life and cause you to think creatively to design an event to reach others with the message of Jesus and empower you to live out all your potential.