Dave Edwards travels the world full time, speaking in churches, Christian conferences, and corporations, igniting positive change. Dave is the author of 26 books and a multi-talented communicator with more than 25 years of experience

Dave is an ordained minister, received an Honorary Doctorate of Theology from Louisiana College. Serves as Pastor of Discipleship at Church Project in The Woodlands, TX. Dave is also a friend of and a featured teaching pastor at First Baptist Church Wiley, TX.

His unique style of “comedy and content” have made Dave Edwards one of the most sought-after speakers. He speaks to more than 200,000 people a year in venues as diverse as churches, colleges and the Laguna Seca Raceray, Reunion Arena, Chick-Fil-A headquarters and the White House.

Dave is acclaimed as a public speaking specialist, communication architect, and designer of creative messaging. He serves as a personal coach and consultant to business leaders, pastors and public speakers helping them to refine, redesign and recast their messages for maximum impact. Dave is a recognized expert at training others how to structure standing ovation speeches, how to use humor effectively, and how to connect with any audience.

In addition to presenting to corporate, community and Christian leaders, and teaching others how to do the same, Dave possesses a unique skill set that enables him to reach the next generation of leaders. He has spoken to students at more than 1,500 high schools and universities and served as the creator and catalyst of 12 city wide weekly events for young adults, designed to affect social change

Dave’s mission is to reintroduce the truth of God's Word by meeting people where they are in life and bringing them one step closer to loving Jesus , learning His ways and leading others to Jesus Christ. David helps this generation discover the importance of a Christ-centered lifestyle by applying Biblical truths to current issues in an honest, humorous, and understandable way.

As a speaker, Dave’s unique style and energy make him an audience favorite.

As an author, he imparts practical wisdom and inspiration.

As a coach and consultant, he accelerates the effectiveness of his clients.