​Whispering Voices - Ruth 1:14


“. . . Ruth clung to her.” Ruth 1:14


Life’s heaviest burden is having nothing to carry. But God is the God of new beginnings and fresh starts. Thankfully, there is a way to move on.

Settle the past.
Ruth’s choice was made in the clinch of difficulty. The past was against her, she was raised in a heathen home and had worshipped false gods. The whispering voices of Moab called her back to the security of a life she’d always known. But Ruth was brave and trusted Naomi.

There is something in our past that tries to hold us back. No matter what happened in your past with God, you can begin again. Don’t reflect too much on the scars; the scrapes you’ve incurred along the way are what brought to where you are today. Your past is not good or bad, it’s the vehicle that carried you to today.

Set your priority.
Once we have started out to follow Christ, we must follow Ruth. There is no peace or power without setting the priority of full surrender. If Ruth had argued with Naomi about the route, the conditions, or the duration of the journey, had Ruth scoffed at the steep hills, damp valleys, and course conditions, her spirit would not be fit to enter into Bethlehem. But Ruth said, “Where you go, I go.”

Following Jesus can be difficult. There will always be forces to pull us away from our commitment. It may be a bad example of a friend, or unforeseen circumstance. We must choose to cling to God, and go forth.

Secure a purpose.
Ruth knew her purpose was found in God, so she followed. We should pay attention to Ruth’s way of traveling to uncharted ways. Let Naomi lead and Ruth will always follow. If Naomi stops, then Ruth will rest there. Ruth’s choice was because of the great love of Naomi. Naomi was committed to take them over the Jordan and into Bethlehem. She
knew there would always be strength there with Naomi. It’s because He loves us the way we love Him, and set our sight to make our way for the
house of bread.

Set your heart to follow Jesus fully.