​Put to the Test

Put to the Test


“. . . wherever you go, I will go; . . .” Ruth 1:16


Every decision to follow God will be tested. There is a underlying assumption that the result of trusting God will be automatically beautiful, but there is no success in the life of faith without struggle. Ruth makes a positive confession “wherever you go, I will go,” but Ruth’s decision to follow was put to the test. And so will ours.

Confront the complications.

The faith of Ruth was tested by the poverty and sorrow of Naomi, she had lost her husband and sons, and was returning penniless, she had lost everything. Yet Ruth says, “I will follow.” If you knew things would not be better after placing your faith in God, would you still do it? If you can trust in the face of trouble; if you can accept Him in affliction; if you can be certain of Christ and His cross, then your decision is real. Are you willing to have your faith tested by the trials that come from knowing Christ?

Count the cost.

Naomi held nothing back from Ruth she told her how things really were. There was no hope that she would bear a son who could become a husband to Ruth. Naomi told Ruth that she was out of options and told Ruth to stay behind and find a husband. Naomi set before Ruth the dark side. It almost sounds like she’s trying to talk Ruth out of following. Each of us must count the cost of following Christ. If there is compromise in your life, a habit, a lifestyle, a relationship, be prepared to leave it behind.

Consider your choice.

Are you willing to follow Christ through the dirt and mud of this world? Along the high road of success, as well as down into the valleys. Are you ready to carry His cross so that you might share the crown? If you can stand to have your decision tested in the details of the nitty gritty in life, in the same way that Christ tested those who wanted to be His followers, then your decision is the right one.


Can you say, if none go with me, still I will follow?