​Odd Struggles and Unfinished Ends

Odd Struggles and Unfinished Ends


“. . . the city was stirred because of them, and the women said, . . .” Ruth 1:19


If you wait to find a perfect church to be a part of you’ll never be a part of church. And if you do happen to find it, the minute after you join, it will cease to be perfect. If Christ can love the church, then you can love it too. How tragic for anyone to join a church for what they can get from it. Since Christ gave Himself for the church, it’s an honor for us to do the same.

Ruth didn’t expect to get much from God’s people. All the citizens of Bethlehem did was come out to stare and gossip about them, “look how worn out Naomi looks” and “who’s that woman? She’s not from here.” But Ruth didn’t care if they saw faults in her. To her they were God’s people. She was there to join their God.

To join God’s people openly, visibly, boldly, unashamed, without hesitation. To bring your life and gifts into the body of Christ is the true spirit of Christ. It is always more blessed to give than receive.

With the plethora of imperfect people in the church, there is One who stands perfect. One who more than makes up for all the other’s imperfections. It is the Lord Jesus in the midst of His people. His presence covers the flaws, the failures, the warts, and the weaknesses. Since wherever two or three are together, there Jesus dwells among His people. It’s an incredible honor to be counted in His family.

Yes, there are odd struggles and unfinished ends in the church. There are different denominations made up of varying theologies and practices. Some meet in opulent buildings, while others gather in barns. Some have rolls, others membership, attendance or gatherings. Whatever the label, we should be proud to be counted as one of God’s people.

As Ruth discovered, Boaz was there. She went and gleaned in his field and married Him. That is the reason we are a part of God’s people. We discover Jesus stands with His people and we cleave to Him. To find Boaz there, it was enough for Ruth. As Christ is here it’s quite enough for us to make His people our people and to be in His church.


Dear Jesus, help me to love your people and live sacrificially.