​Hope out of Hard Places - Ruth 1:6


“Then she arose with her daughters-in- law that she might return from the country of Moab, for she had heard in the country of Moab that the Lord had visited His people by giving them bread.” Ruth 1:6

Having no promise of a prosperous life for her daughters-in- law, she urged the two women to return to their mother’s houses. Her prayers were that each would find a happy home in the houses of husbands whom God would provide for them.

How often do we find ourselves at a crossroad in life? Making what we believe to be a good decision, we set our hearts in a new direction and pray that God would guide our steps. Naomi had no idea of the plans of God for her. Returning in the bitterness of spirit, she could not imagine the blessings that awaited her in the land of Judah.

There’s a saying, “hindsight is always 20/20.” How true it is! When we look back upon our lives, we can see both good and bad decisions that we have made. Is it possible for us, as believers, to circumvent the plans of the Lord? In other words, can we so mess up our lives that it is impossible for God to bless us?

We serve an amazing God! He is able to bring order out of chaos, direction out of despair and hope out of hard places. He’s the God who orders the steps of the righteous. God guides and directs us in such a way that even when we do not necessarily make the best choices, He is directing our way. Though our heart directs our ways, God directs our steps.

As we consider our lives, live this day for the honor and glory of God. Take
encouragement in the knowledge that God is directing our steps. Though the future is uncertain to us, it is not uncertain in the eyes of God. We should seek His guidance through our study of His word and in our times of prayer and praise to Him.

Lord, help me each day to know Your Word, believe it, and live it. As I trust You, I know You are directing my steps.